Andrej Karpathy’s Discusses Neural Networks as Software 2.0

Incredibly interesting insight into how we should be treating deep neural networks written by Andrej Karpathy, link below:



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SML “Judgement Day” Oct 23rd @ Amazon

For 13 weeks here at Sydney Machine Learning, 40 people formed groups and worked through the course material, including lectures, labs & most importantly the homework’s of Harvard Universities CS109 course every week at Amazon Web Services in Sydney.

Half way through the course, teams within the study group selected data science & machine learning ideas to pursue as a capstone project to help bring together everything they learnt during the course and also as a “takeaway” from the course to add to your resume.

On the 23rd of October 2017, SML held an event titled “Judgement day” where teams got to present there projects to senior judges from Atlassian, Quantium & Amazon Web Services with the chance of winning prizes!

Below are a couple of pictures from the event and videos from our newly launched Youtube channel, enjoy!

Quantum Computing and the Future of the Technology Landscape, Nov 15th @ Cicada Innovations

Cicada innovations is hosting Prof. Michael J  Biercuk,  who will share his insights on the broader applications of quantum computing and how it will ultimately transform the future technology landscape. Join Cicada for this thought provoking fireside chat and Q&A session.
if you would like to sign up for this event, feel free to head on over by the link below:

Thurs 5th October SML meetup – startups!

October was applied machine learning month at Sydney Machine Learning with two amazing presentations from startups Pascal 51 &, presenting their products & ideas, the trials and tribulations of creating a machine learning startup, lessons learnt & how they are using machine learning techniques to change the world.

We were lucky enough to have presentations from Will Scully Power from Pascal51 and Beth Carey & John Ball from hosted at HaymarketHQ

Below of photos from the event, enjoy!